Bitindigital Co. registered on 09 Feb 2018 to resell the best cryptocurrency mining devices and give support to customers.
in the last 2 years, we did our best to serve our customers with the newest technology and devices.
Now after 2 years we started our first mining farm for renting ASICs and RIGs by the best price in the market.
After many problems and obtaining the necessary licenses, we set up the facility in collaboration with one of our partners in Iran because of the low cost of electricity.
A platform for device management will also be launched next month so users can easily manage their devices manually and withdraw cash.
We will publish a detailed story about our farm in the next days.

Also, the prices now are special for our start and will change after the beta period (this not affect old or current contracts).

Mining is currently done by Smart Scripts, which selects the best algorithm and selects the best coin due to hash rates and market prices.

All mined assets exchange to BTC and transfer to the customer’s wallet weekly/Monthly.
Also at this moment (beta), we have a limited quantity of each device (when it’s under 30 pcs you can see remaining by selecting device/contract)

We started this project with a few models of devices and models will increase in the next weeks.

We offer 90 Days/ 180 Days / 365 Days plans for each device.

You can calculate the profit of devices by entering the hash rate and 0 for power cost here:

You can find the list of devices for rent in below link (Also we have limited slots to order):

Buy your device or rent a device on 09 and 10 Feb 2020 with 7% extra discount due to our 3rd anniversary by using “3RDANN” discount code on the checkout page

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